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Introductory note

Although our products are designed for use on rusty surfaces, it is of course useful to the respective surface degreased before treatment as well as possible to clean and remove rust mechanically. By cleaning adhesion and durability are optimized.

For all products, whether grease, wax or paint is in rust spots on the principle that the first layer at points should be massaged with a brush in the grate inside. Only then should the treated rust spots and the areas to be sprayed completely.

TimeMAX „WAX“: Cavity and underbody wax

Are real TimeMAX protection is now available without heating! In good condition and freshly restored vehicles, from autumn 2012 we also newly developed anti-corrosion wax.
TimeMAX WAX is clearly permanently elastic and durable than comparable wax products. As the solids content is very high, only relatively small amounts of solvents are used. The all-important creep of the products is not achieved by solvent, but mainly through highly effective penetrating oils. The long-term protection of new growth products is partly due to drugs from our proven anti-corrosion grease.
Particularly fabrication workshops and self users will appreciate the new line of TimeMAX. Since the materials before the spraying into the body does not have to be heated, the process has become very simple.

For cavities: TimeMAX „100 SPEED WAX“

Our highly fluid cavity wax has a very high proportion of penetrating oil.
TimeMAX 100 SPEED WAX is used for rusted cars in combination with a second layer TimeMAX 200 PROTECT WAX. It has the task of crawl immediately after processing in the columns and in the folds in the cavity. be. We recommend to wait after applying the first layer comprises a first day and then to apply the second layer 200 TimeMAX PROTECT WAX.

For cavities: TimeMAX „200 PROTECT WAX“

Our long-term stable universal wax. In well-preserved and new vehicles, it is „solo“, ie used as the sole product. With rusted utility vehicles, it is used in combination with TimeMAX 100 SPEED WAX. It is used, after drying of the first layer 100 TimeMAX SPEED WAX as the second layer.

For the subsoil: TimeMAX „300 COVER WAX“

The material is relatively tough and can be gripped. Because the wax is light brown and almost transparent, it is used primarily in engineering and as resistant underbody wax.
The TimeMAX WAX product line has been developed with the help of others of our time-tests on the offshore island of Helgoland. For more information, refer to „progress through research“ on The product line is the fall of 2012 go on sale.

Anticorrosion greases for automotive applications:
processing with compressed air

Our products are based on fat when cold relatively firm. If the products are processed using a brush, reaches a slight warming. They are soft and can be easily processed. For spraying with compressed air must be heated to about 100 ° C. Unlike other anti-corrosion grease, all our products have the important property to adhere well to the substrate. The lapse in heat and heat is no longer an issue in our products. Big fat puddles under the car in the summer and at other fat products often the case, there are not at the TimeMAX products.

TimeMAX SPEED 1000

A relatively soft and very kriechfähiges anticorrosion grease rusty cavities. TimeMAX 1000 SPEED is not only applied in very rusty cavities, we also recommend it for those cavities that are not heated by the sun in summer. Mean, for example, the cavities of the bottom group, and the sills.


Our universal material for the best results in almost all applications in the cavity. In developing TimeMAX 2000 PROTECT we succeeded, to combine the best features of wax and grease in a new product. The material adheres more strongly than TimeMAX 1000th It sticks like wax, yet has an extreme creep. With rusty cars and heavy stress it is also used as an additional underbody protection.

TimeMAX COVER 3000

A stronger anti-corrosion grease cavities, exposed to heat. We use it only rarely. It was developed for cavities in exhaust area.

„TimeMAX COLOR“, the underseal in body color

TimeMAX COLOR based on an old and forgotten ship-color recipe that „saw the light“ from us and heavily modified. For the altered efficacy of our blends are responsible. The properties of rust are now much better. To prevent the color and hardens brittle, we mixed ingredients including our anticorrosion grease. The development of this process was very time consuming and complicated. Fat ingredients and colors were assumed to be immiscible. Succeeded in technological innovation is only with the help of our accelerated tests on ships and on Helgoland.
TimeMAX COLOR is available in 10 colors. Thus, the color of the bottom can be adapted to the vehicle’s paint finish. The special feature: Although the car is also perfectly protected from the bottom, he is akin to a new car from the factory. The highly effective protective layer is invisible. Other shades can be manufactured on request.

Stone guard TimeMAX „BODY“

TimeMAX body is an elastic top coat for painted sheets.

The material offers good protection against stones. The finish is highly impact-resistant and durable. It is also recommended for industrial constructions as an additional edge protection and wear pads. In the wheel wells of high stress SUV TimeMAX BODY is an ideal topcoat for our underbody TimeMAX COLOR.

The material is available in black, and since October 2012, also in transparent. Sun shade and appearance remain unchanged in the wheel wells. The stone guard offers maximum protection against spalling and is painted in „transparent“ even invisible!
TimeMAX BODY is a „2K“ product consists of 2 components: Before applying a curing agent is added. From early or mid-2013 it will TimeMAX BODY passed as easily applicable „1 K“ product. The results of our tests on Helgoland and in the ballast water of container ships, but still need to wait. If tests proceed as it currently is, the extra hardener are then omitted likely.

Do-it-yourself and Industry:

Repair paint TimeMAX „PAINT REPAIR“

Whether it is for garden fences, bridges, ships or concerns: If the protective coating layer is injured, is the rust. From a small crack quickly, a large rusting of the paint.

Normally, one would now not only remove rust mechanically, but by at least two coats of primer and apply two or more layers of top coat.

Because of this, however, often lack the time, below the rust continues to progress. The damage is then often so great that needs to be repaired and repainted a large area. Not infrequently, the damages are so severe as to be not worth repairing.
This is where the philosophy of TimeMAX PAINT REPAIR. Our available in a total of 10 shades „repair paint“ is applied directly on the rust and stops further rusting. Whether garden fence, boat or bridge: The stride damage in the paint layer is not continuing. By using TimeMAX PAINT REPAIR can elaborate sand blasting and painting over several times be delayed or even avoided altogether. On request, special colors can be mixed.

Anticorrosion greases for industrial and marine use:


An extremely long-term stable anticorrosive grease for ships, offshore wind power plants and industrial constructions. The material is on painted, polished and rusty surfaces. It is especially recommended for the protection of cavities and wire ropes in ocean-going vessels. Also contact areas on deck, such as flanges and fittings can be protected with TimeMAX RESCUE WAX for a very long time. The material can be both applied with a brush, and sprayed with compressed air. It has a composition similar to 1000 TimeMAX SPEED and TimeMAX PROTECT 2000. With these products, we have won the great rust inhibitor test the journal „Oldtimer Markt“ in 2009.


TimeMAX „MOVE“, the fat brush for special applications

TimeMAX MOVE has further increased liability and is quite tough. It is used for example on the car underbody and in the cavities of ships. It also protects the place where the steel is already corroded. The duration of protection is very long. Because the material is relatively tough and difficult sprayable, it is applied by most users with a brush. Important to know: The material should be rubbed into the brush in the corrosion. Thus, the adhesion to the steel is further improved. With practice can MOVE in a second layer then übergesprüht with compressed air.


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